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Accomplished executive leader with demonstrated success in dynamic, fast-paced environments across multiple industries. His experience puts him in a unique position to be able to assist individuals and corporations in entering new markets in South America or from South America into the US.
His career has exposed him to numerous industries, from Agriculture to Insurance. Additionally, he has been involved in startups and large corporations, giving him the ability to understand different scales of business operations.
Results-oriented professional with proven talents in organizational performance, in-depth knowledge of business processes, and experience driving organizational transformation through the utilization of change management methodologies. Expertise in strategic planning, interpreting client needs, and developing creative and flexible approaches resulting in increased profits and company growth, meeting and exceeding requirement goals, and delivering outstanding customer satisfaction.

Highlights of Expertise:
• Strategic Business Planning
• Project Management
• Executive Leadership
• Client Needs Assessment
• Business Transformation
• Innovative Consulting
• Process Development
• Developing Client Relationships
• Sales and Marketing Strategies
• Blockchain technology implementation


Managing Director
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